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There's no job that's too complicated for our dedicated and passionate cleaning experts.
At ProClean Pressure Washing of West Bloomfield, we've adapted the trusted Seal N' Lock paver cleaning and sealing in West Bloomfield system. Discover what a difference it can make to your property by calling our office today!
patio paver cleaning and sealing in West Bloomfield

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What's Paver Cleaning and Sealing in West Bloomfield?

There's a good chance that somewhere around your yard, you have patio pavers. They're standard features used for walkways, patios for grills, and various other paths and markers. When they were put in, they were brightly colored, free from stains, and you couldn't see any visible damages. As time goes on, those pavers wear out from everyday use and harsh weather conditions. You think that ripping them out and starting over is your only option, but ProClean Pressure Washing of West Bloomfield wants you to know that's not the case.

We do professional paver cleaning and sealing in West Bloomfield that will bring that more attractive color back into your pavers while also adding strength and durability against stains and breakage. We use a gentle yet effective soft wash professional power washing technique that eliminates the grease, oil, mold, moss, and other blemishes to make them shine just like brand new again!

The Seal N' Lock method is the most efficient way to do this power washing service. It can be done in just one visit so you can get back outside and appreciate the renovation right away. Get in touch with our professionals and learn how you can increase your property value and curb appeal with our leading pressure washing company in West Bloomfield today.
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Durable & Brilliant Patio Pavers Are Just A Click Away!

There's no way that we would ever use a product, tool, or piece of equipment that we haven't tested and trust at your property. Our Seal N' Lock paver sealing system does everything you expect it to and so much more. Not only will you get patio pavers that look like the day you moved in, but it's a product that can be used on all different hardscapes. We can perform your paver cleaning and sealing in West Bloomfield on multiple surface types to completely renovate your exterior! Some of the materials that we know this is unmatched in performance include:

- Brick
- Concrete
- Cobblestone
- Porcelain
- Flagstone
- Travertine
- And more!

Another benefit of using this state-of-the-art paver cleaning system is that it can be applied to wet surfaces. As long as we're not in a downpour, there's no reason why your appointment will ever be canceled or postponed. As a fully licensed and insured power washing company in West Bloomfield, you can relax knowing that you're protected against accidents, damages, or injuries. 

Find out how we can bring your patio areas back to life with our environmentally-safe clean and seal processes by calling for your FREE quote. There's low odor, it won't harm your plants or pets, and you can soak in everything we've done with minimal maintenance. Get in touch with us now!
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