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You aren't going to find another company that does exterior home cleaning services in Farmington Hills like we do. We truly are the best!

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You can relax knowing that your property is in good hands. We only hire employees with the highest integrity so you can feel safe when our team is at your location. Start building a relationship with us by calling (248) 985-7167 today!
Your Locally Owned and Operated Company for

Pressure Washing in Farmington Hills

There are plenty of people out there that lug around power washing equipment and claim to be professionals. The problem is, they aren't there to give you the superior services that you'll get from ProClean Pressure Washing. From the very first time you call us, you are our primary focus. No matter what you need, your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

Don't wait to take care of your pressure washing in Farmington Hills. A small investment now is going to save you a bundle of money in the future. Find out more by calling us at (248) 985-7167.
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We Handle All the

Pressure Washing Services You Can Think Of!

Making a small investment in your residential or commercial exterior cleaning needs is going to pay for itself when you see how much longer your materials and structure last.

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Residential Power Washing
in Farmington Hills

Your home is likely the most significant investment you're ever going to make. Like with any big purchase, you want to make sure that it lasts. Regular residential power washing in Farmington Hills by ProClean Pressure Washing is precisely what you need to keep your home from aging prematurely.
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West Bloomfield Commercial Power Washing Services

Your commercial building's exterior is the first thing that customers are going to see, and that's how they are going to start forming an opinion about whether or not they want to spend their money on your products and services. You won't believe how much your sales and traffic will improve after you get a commercial power washer in West Bloomfield to enhance the way your property looks.
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Full-Service Commercial Power Washing Services for Farmington Hills

You don't want your customers to run off before they even step into your commercial building. When you take advantage of our expert commercial power washing in Farmington Hills, your business is going to be booming in no time.
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Farmington Hills Exterior Home Cleaning Services

Your siding, patio, deck, fencing, shutters, and walls are all going to collect dust and dirt over time. Spraying it with a garden hose isn't going to get you the results you want, and you're only going to waste time. Trust your exterior home cleaning services in Farmington Hills to us!
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Complete Roof Cleaning in Farmington Hills

Can you see twigs, leaves, and other debris stuck on your roof? If you can, it's time for a roof cleaning in Farmington Hills. Don't put it off until the roof is already damaged and leaking to take care of a problem that could be done in just a few moments right now!
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Farmington Hills' Best Sidewalk and Driveway Power Washing

Powerful water spraying at the impossible stains and spots on your pathways isn't the answer to getting your surfaces clean. Our soft wash driveway power washing techniques and strong detergents that dissolve oil, salt, and mud are going to get rid of those flaws you thought weren't ever going away.
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Protect with Gutter Cleaning in Farmington Hills

Have you heard about foundations cracking and walls leaking because a homeowner's gutter cleaning in Farmington Hills or surrounding areas wasn't done professionally? It's a nightmare that can be avoided as long as you call us before it's too late!
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You don't want to hire a professional pressure washer in Farmington Hills that's only at your location for the paycheck.

We pay fanatical attention to every detail so that the results meet and exceed your expectations. Find out more by calling us at (248) 985-7167 now!

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