Is Window Cleaning Worth It? (7 Unexpected Benefits)

December 12, 2022

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Window cleaning is essential to keeping your home clean, and many homeowners often forget about this excellent service. There are a lot of benefits to window cleaning, but is it worth it? We’ll be looking at pricing, benefits, and more to determine if it’s worth it for you and your home. So if you’re contemplating window cleaning or just curious about the service, stay tuned as we get into this!

What Is Professional Window Cleaning?

Window cleaning done by professionals is not as simple as many homeowners do at home by wiping them down with a spray and towel. Professional window cleaning takes things to a new level by cleaning all parts of the window, including the frame, screen, glass panel, and surrounding areas. They ensure that every aspect of the window is clean. 

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How Much Is Window Cleaning? 

Ultimately, to find out if a service is worth it, you’ll also want to know the pricing. The total price you’ll pay depends on a few factors since there are many types of windows, sizes, and amounts of windows in a home.

Factors To Consider

When looking into how much window cleaning is, you’ll need to look at a few factors that can make the price vary. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

Amount of Windows 

The main thing to consider is how many windows you have that need to be cleaned. A company will average charge $5 per window for a 3 x 6 window. However, many homeowners have more oversized windows, and they’ll need to consider the rest of these factors. 

Type of Window 

Some windows have panes; some have different elements that can make cleaning more difficult. A window cleaning company will charge more for windows that are more difficult to clean and needs unique treatments to clean them. 

Window Size

More oversized windows will take more time and product to clean, costing a bit more. Bay windows or other large, multipaned windows will be the priciest so consider this when estimating your costs. 

Window Location 

Windows on second stories or windows that are harder to reach will also typically cost a little more. Again, the manpower, equipment, or overall danger of getting the window can make it cost more, but ultimately the window can still be cleaned. 

Price of Window Cleaning 

With all of this being said, the price for window cleaning is usually between $150 and $300. However, this can vary greatly. The national average is about $215. Remember to consider the factors above when estimating cost. If you want a more accurate answer, be sure to reach out to your local window cleaning company for an estimate based on your circumstances. 

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Benefits of Window Cleaning

There are so many benefits to window cleaning that homeowners need to know about. First, many homeowners see that window cleaning can get their windows clean, but here are seven unexpected benefits. 

Better Air Quality

Air quality is a massive thing inside your home, where most of your time is spent. Unfortunately, dust, debris, and bacteria like to cling to glass, so regularly cleaning these areas is essential. Not to mention, homeowners who open their windows often expose the areas around them to dirt and debris from outside. 

Boost Curb Appeal 

A good window cleaning will do the trick if you want to make your home look fresher. Windows are a huge part of how your home looks inside and outside, so cleaning them can keep your home looking that much better. 

Better Lighting 

Dirty windows often have a film across them of this dirt, grime, and dust. This makes it difficult for light to come in, and cleaning off this film will brighten the place. This is an unexpected benefit because many homeowners won’t notice a difference until the windows are clean and they notice the lighting difference. 

Reduces Bug Infestation

The dirt on your window and in between the seal can leave room for bugs and pests to come inside your home. Not only this, but it’ll help to eliminate any problems that have already made their way inside your window area. 

Extends Window Life

Windows do eventually need to be replaced after a few years, but extending this lifetime is possible with regular window cleaning. Dirt and grime can do more extensive damage than people might think. It can wear and tear the glass by corroding it due to the lack of cleaning, which can eventually cause cracks and etching. Windows that are regularly cleaned can last over 20 years, while windows that aren’t routinely cleaned will need to be replaced much sooner. 

Selling Feature/Home Value 

Window cleaning doesn’t necessarily increase your home value, but it’s a great selling feature and something that many buyers will request. Finally, the window quality will be mentioned on inspections, and buyers can ask sellers to upgrade these before purchasing. So keeping up with them ensures that the windows are in excellent selling condition and can be a good selling point for buyers. 

Better Efficiency 

Natural light helps to keep homeowners from using their electrical lights and boosts their efficiency. A cleaner window that doesn’t obstruct light can allow you to use less light indoors and use natural lighting instead. Plus, you’re more likely to open clean windows for fresh air. 

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Is Window Cleaning Worth It?

It’s always up to the homeowner whether or not a service is worth it, but window cleaning is a great way to take advantage of all the benefits listed above. It’s not too expensive, and cleaning them twice a year is a great way to ensure the most value out of your money and windows. So if you were contemplating professional window cleaning, we say go for it. 

The Bottom Line

Ultimately window cleaning is worth it when you consider the seven benefits compared to the price. Window cleaning is excellent to add to your regular home maintenance. It’s recommended to get professional window cleaning done twice a year for maximum results. Be sure to keep up with this to keep your windows looking super clean and sale ready if that’s the goal.

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