How Much Does Residential Pressure Washing in West Bloomfield Cost?

December 27, 2019

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Residential pressure washing in West Bloomfield is a vital service for any homeowner, as power washing ensures a clean and pristine home while also protecting it from damage, both inside and out. While pressure washing services in West Bloomfield are recommended for homeowners, some individuals try to avoid these costs by managing their own power washing, roof washing, gutter cleaning, and other exterior house washing in West Bloomfield.

Before you assume that you can forego residential pressure washing in West Bloomfield costs, you might note why regular power washing is so vital. You might also consider why it’s best to leave this job in the hands of a pro! You can then make the best decisions about the care and upkeep of your home so it looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside.

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Benefits of Residential Pressure Washing in West Bloomfield

There are many advantages of professional power washing services in West Bloomfield, some of which might surprise you! Note some of those benefits here and be sure to discuss them with a power washing contractor in West Bloomfield as needed.

  • Regular roof washing in West Bloomfield removes layers of dirt, dried dust, soot, air pollution residues, and bird droppings. These residues work their way between shingles and roofing materials, dislodging and drying them, while also increasing the risk of mold and algae growth.
  • Professional gutter cleaning removes thick layers of dirt, mud, silt, and other debris, reducing the risk of clogged gutters. Dirty gutters allow rainwater to wash over their edges, leading to water damage of a home’s brick, siding, and foundation, while also leaving behind unsightly water streaks. Regular gutter cleaning in West Bloomfield reduces these risks and keeps gutters and downspouts clean and clear.
  • Exterior house washing in West Bloomfield washes away layers of damaging dirt and grime, as well as cobwebs, termite tunnels, and other insect nests, leaving behind a clean exterior while also improving outdoor air quality.
  • Driveway concrete cleaning removes gritty and abrasive sand, silt, and dried dust, as well as corrosive motor oil and other automotive fluids. Pressure washing services are also an excellent way to prepare a driveway for fresh paint or stain and to reveal cracks and other damage in need of repairs.
  • Airborne chlorine and other chemicals from pools are notorious for drying out pool deck materials, while the pits and pores of patio pavers and other materials trap and lock dirt, dust, and other debris. Pool deck cleaning removes damaging residues while ensuring walkways are safe and your pool area looks clean and is ready for relaxing and entertaining!
  • Pressure washing wood decks removes caked-on dirt, mud, and other stains, and kills mold and mildew, protecting wood from further damage. Pressure washing services in West Bloomfield also ensures decks are safe for walking and ready for new paint or stain!
  • Washing solid panel fencing also removes thick dirt and grime and prepares the surface for new paint, stain, or sealant. Vinyl and fiberglass fences also look clean and fresh while glass fencing offers a streak-free shine after power washing services in West Bloomfield.

Can You Use a Pressure Washer in West Bloomfield to Wash Windows?

It’s important to schedule regular window cleaning in West Bloomfield, as layers of dirt, grime, mud, sand, and other debris etch away at exterior glass, causing microscopic damage that weakens the glass over time. Dirty windows also block outside sunlight and make a home look dull and dingy inside and out!

While regular window washing in West Bloomfield is important, be cautious about renting pressure washing equipment and tackling this job on your own. Too much pressure might outright shatter window glass! It’s also easy to create lots of messy splatter so that your home’s exterior  walls are dirtier then before you washed your home’s windows.

Instead, rely on a power washing contractor in West Bloomfield and soft wash pressure washing systems. Soft wash cleaning starts with a surfactant designed to dissolve thick dirt and grime. Low pressure washing rinses it all away, leaving behind spotless windows and a streak-free shine!

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Is Residential Pressure Washing in West Bloomfield Damaging to a Home?

Some online sources might say that pressure washing services of a West Bloomfield home encourage mold growth and water damage of a home’s framing. However, this is true only for improper and ineffective power washing services! Using too much pressure along window frames and other areas of the home might allow water to seep into the home’s framework, but an experienced pressure washing contractor in West Bloomfield will know how to avoid causing this damage.

Soft wash systems also mean that your pressure washing contractor doesn’t need to use high pressure rinsing to remove detergents and dirt. Soft wash pressure washing services in West Bloomfield are gently on exterior brick and siding as well as roofing shingles and flashing and all other surface materials on your property.

Avoid DIY Residential Pressure Washing in West Bloomfield!

Don’t drag out the ladder and garden hose just yet, and don’t waste money on renting power washing equipment from the local hardware store. Instead, note a few reasons why you should leave exterior house washing, gutter cleaning, and roof washing in West Bloomfield to the pros.

One reason is that being on a ladder is dangerous in of itself; it becomes even more difficult when you’re trying to manage a garden hose or pressure washer. Messy splatter can also cause ladder rungs to become slippery and slick, adding to that danger! A homeowner should also remember that a roof is also very dangerous when dry but even more so when it gets wet from your pressure washing!

Residential pressure washing in West Bloomfield is also much more difficult and intricate than homeowners realize. Using too much pressure might leave streaks on decks and concrete and the wrong detergent or surfactant might dry certain surfaces. It’s also easy to slice right through your beloved landscaping! Avoid these risks and ensure a job well done by calling a professional for power washing you need to have done.

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